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Water resistant apron in a burgundy colour with white stripes; very lightweight and soft material: 0.15 mm

thick; resistant to water, oils, enzymes and disinfectants; adjustable bib length; dimensions: 110 x 75 cm


Water resistant apron with an adjustable bib length and with additional reinforcement in the front; Provendex material is resistant to fats, enzymes, digestives and against light acids and alkalis; intended to come into contact with foodstuffs (for use in the processing of food, meat, and in the fishing industry)


Apron bib, resistant to water, fats and enzymes; adjustable bib length.

Apron bib made from PVC, 90 x 120 sm.; Colour: white APR90120W, blue APR90120B

Carton: 25 pieces