Dear Customer, This procedure has been developed in accordance with Section VIII of the General Terms and Conditions for the sale of goods through the online store of the Company “IVEL-CO” EOOD and its main purpose it to make it easier for you in case you need to submit a claim regarding any product you have purchased. The grounds for submitting a claim are as follows: Goods that have a manufacturing defect Goods that do not meet the declared characteristics. Shipping the wrong goods. If case of finding any of the above circumstances, please follow the step-by-step process and instructions specified in this procedure: Step 1. In order to let us know that you want to return the goods ordered by you, please contact us at the telephone numbers or email address referred to in this procedure, namely: Phone: +359 (0) 894 312 319 or +359 (0) 897 299 525; Email address: office@ivel-co.eu; Step 2. A Claim Form (Appendix 4 to the General Terms and Conditions) is made available on our Website in Section “Additional Information”. Step 3. Once you get acquainted with the content of the form, fill in the requested information and attach the specified Appendices. Before proceeding to the next step, make sure that you have provided a copy of all documents and Appendices thereto. Step 4. We kindly ask you to submit the Form and its Appendices using one of the provided methods. Step 5. A Company’s representative of IVEL-CO EOOD will contact you and indicate a specific address in order to send the goods subject to the Claim. Step 6. Once the reasons for the goods, subject to the Claim, are verified by the specialists of the Company IVEL-CO EOOD, within 14 (fourteen) business days reckoned from the date of receipt of the goods returned, you will be indemnified according to the method chosen by you. Dear Customers, Although there is detailed information in Section VIII of the General Terms and Conditions regarding the procedure and the way for goods, subject to the Claim, please note the following: No shipments with a payment method ‘Cash on Delivery’ returned without the consent of the Company IVEL - CO EOOD will be accepted. All shipments with a payment method ‘Cash on Delivery’ returned by a Courier Company, other than Econt Express OOD, are in violation of the General Terms and Conditions of the Company IVEL-CO EOOD and will not be accepted! No products with physical damage, changes in their integrity, traces of use, prejudices, scratches, impacts, etc. will be accepted for return. Your IVEL-CO EOOD’s Team